Internet TV forecasts on the rise!

It’s inevitable, eventually all TV programming will be available through IP. Network infrastructure providers like Cisco are already building out new networks that can support the immense surge of Internet traffic. The annual Visual Networking Index Forecast from Cisco projects that global Internet traffic will grow more than fourfold from 2009 to 2014, mostly due to a spike in video viewing.

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Internet television rises as broadband connections increase

The television industry is at the beginning of a generational change which will eventually see a new type of television service—the Internet television—being delivered directly to TV sets in broadband-enabled households around the globe. In the end, practically all new TV sets will incorporate Internet television functionality as a standard feature that viewers will be able to use alongside their existing television services.
vision services.

By 2014, there will be 785 million fixed broadband connections around the world which means that over 50 percent of TV households will have a broadband connection, most of which will be capable of supporting the delivery of high quality video and, therefore, Internet television services.


Companies such as Akamai, Cisco, and Infinera, along with hundreds of others, are rushing to develop the network infrastructure that will be needed to deliver the enormous volume video traffic implied if television programming is to be delivered over the Internet on a mass scale.




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