Storify goes live to the public today

I’ve been using the beta version of storify for a few weeks and I find that it’s a great tool to curate the content that’s available through the various social channels, twitter, flickr, youtube, facebook and other sites. I strongly recommend experimenting with the tool, as it can prove to be very valuable with capturing, curating and publishing stories around major events and topics being discussed in social media.

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Filtering the Social Web to Present News Items

SAN FRANCISCO — News events as varied as the commercial jet landing in the Hudson River and the uprisings in Egypt have demonstrated that people armed with cellphones — not professional reporters — are often the first source of breaking news, uploading Twitter posts, photos and video to the Web. But the result can leave people drowning in too much information.

A Web start-up named Storify, which opens to the public Monday, aims to help journalists and others collect and filter all this information.

Using the Storify Web site, people can find and piece together publicly available content from Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, YouTube and other sites. They can also add text and embed the resulting collages of content on their own sites. During a private test period, reporters from The Washington Post, NPR, PBS and other outlets used the service.

Burt Herman, left, and Xavier Damman, the founders of Storify, which opens Monday.




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